Gone the way of the Dodo


Here I sit all broken hearted
I tried to shit, but only farted
– Author Unknown

Maybe it’s because I’m not in grade school any more, or maybe it’s because I don’t hang out in truck stops like I used to, but I’ve realized something is missing from my life.  The Bathroom Lyricist, the Number Two Dungaboo, the Porcelain Poet.  These mysterious geniuses could put pen to wall, and in a few seconds, bam, masterpiece.  Profound words that no $99 seminar at some off beat executive hotel could ever offer.

Ladies, I don’t know if you’ve had these.  Maybe the bathroom stall wall is where Carly Rae first penned Call Me Maybe, or where Dave Chappelle came up with his remix edition about his song about pissing.  But regardless, it’s clear to me, the smart phone has killed the majority of them off.  Another horrific tragedy of the technology age.

Do people really think someone wants to receive a text from you while you’re on the pot?  Or that your move in (insert whatever game is popular at time reading this) came while you were dropping a load?  You’re disgusted even thinking about it, but yet, you do it.

Help save our bathroom stalls, bring back the writings on the walls.  Don’t shit and text, or peck and pee.



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About 30yearoldneurotic

Sometimes it feels good to get things off my chest, I like to think I'm not the only one that views the world as I do, but maybe I am. So what if I organize my dvd's alphabetically by genre or my closet is color coordinated by type of clothing or that I, like Monica Geller, have fancy towels, guest towels, fancy guest towels, amongst others. Hopefully this site allows you to feel like you're not alone in the world, or maybe brings a bit of humor into your day, or at the very least makes you think about things from a different perspective, even if the things are, "wow this person is warped."

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